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All websites need maintenance, some much more than others.

Website maintenance is needed to keep your company, as well as your customers, informed about any new information your company has to offer. Maintenance to your site may be required for many reasons. You may have new information, new photos, new services, product updates, new images, or your might just need to make some simple text changes to keep the site.

Blog maintenance is generally need to keep your blog up-to-date with security updates and the latest versions of software and helper applications for your blog. Some content updates, in addition to regular blog posts, may also be needed. For example, you may want to add, remove or update existing links within your blog, or add badges for social media marketing

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IGV Website Maintenance Services

IGV has the expert help available whenever your website needs maintenance. As you can see from the chart below, our website hosting customers get free, unlimited routine website maintenance services included with their hosting account. If your site is not already hosted with IGV, perhaps it’s time to consider switching over to us and start saving money!

NOTE: Blog maintenance services are available at additional cost and are not included with an IGV hosting account.

ServiceHosting CustomersNon-Hosting Customers
  • Adding and removing images
  • Changing existing text
  • Adding links
Free & Unlimited$100/hr
  • Graphic Design and Image Retouching
  • Development
*48 hour turn around*48 hour turn around

*Service does not include work for e-commerce maintenance and development.



Adding and removing images, Changing existing text, Adding links

Free & Unlimited

Graphic Design and Image Retouching





Adding and removing images, Changing existing text, Adding links


Graphic Design and Image Retouching




*Service does not include e-commerce maintenance and development.

If you need assistance with any of the following services listed above please visit our client portal to request service.

We will respond to you request within a timely manner