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Customer Feedback: Your Partner in Perfection



Jul 21, 2011


“I always have plenty of valuable free advice!”  – My Mum

Customer feedback is a great tool to have in today’s competitive business world.  In the case of new products, allowing customers to sa

mple new products before they go into general production can gain you valuable insights that you might not get in a controlled, pre-production environment.  Also, getting ideas for new products from customers who are already familiar with your company’s current products is as easy and low-budget as adding a box on your website stating “Send us your ideas for how we can better serve you!”

In addition to getting new ideas, giving your customers way to provide feedback will allow them to alert you to issues you might not know you have:  a product behaving badly in a situation that your R&D department never considered, a customer service rep who says all the right things in meetings but doesn’t interact with customers in a way that reflects well on your company, etc.  A dissatisfied customer who feels their issues are being heard and addressed is more likely to continue doing business with you than a dissatisfied customer who has no way to tell you why they are unhappy.  The opportunity to provide anonymous feedback gives the customer the feeling that they will be heard without being put on the spot.  Responding to that feedback, either directly or through a more general format like your company’s blog, will let the customer know that they are important to you and that you are working to make your company more valuable to your customers.

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