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eCommerce Website Design and Development

Engaging and Conversion Friendly eCommerce Website

The development of your ecommerce website is about designing a shopping cart that is easy for customers to use, attractive, and completely secure. The online storefront should be engaging for customers and encourage them to trust you and buy from you. Online revenue is projected to more than double from 167.3 billion in 2010 to 434.2 billion in 2017, so now is the time to make your ecommerce site a success. At IGV, we will to design you
an ecommerce website that will allow your company to take advantage of this crucial trend.

Our eCommerce Website Development Process

We make it easy for you to begin to sell products and services online. Our team has over a decade of experience in web development and ecommerce, and will put that expertise to work for you. We will use a powerful PHP driven shopping cart to create a completely customizable storefront that will help you attract and convert customers. We will work with you through every step of the process to ensure that your unique design will accurately reflect your brand and the vision you had for your online store. Through our competitive and affordable pricing, you will be able to develop a feature-rich site that customers will love. Together, we will edge out your competition and help your site thrive.

Managing Your Site

We offer you a straightforward web based interface that makes it easy to control your online store. You will be able to easily update your merchandise product descriptions and control inventory while also managing the shipping and tax, sales and analysis tracking, orders, customer information, and more. When you work with IGV to develop your ecommerce online store, you will always be in control while we offer our support and a full spectrum of programming options to bring your dream store to life.

eCommerce Website Security

Security of ecommerce sites is one of the biggest concerns for store owners and customers alike. Cases of identity theft regularly make the news and cause us all to be suspicious. While customers are willing to continue to shop online, they want to know that the store works to protect them and their confidential information. You can trust us to help you accomplish this security. When we design your ecommerce website, we will use a HTTPS/SSL (Secure Socket Layer) support for both your administrators and your customers. Customer data and information will also be fully encrypted while real-time notifications of failed administrator login attempts offer additional layers of security. Our Anti-Fraud module also validates email addresses during checkout to ensure that the customers are being honest. You will also have the power to disallow transactions with particular IP addresses to customize your security solutions.

When you are ready to design an ecommerce site that will set you apart from your competition, come speak to IGV. Our experienced programmers and design experts will bring your online storefront to life and set you up to start bringing in customers right away. Get started building your virtual storefront today.