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Sep 16, 2011


Many businesses, whether online or brick and mortar, have a website nowadays.  Yours may be no different.  In the massive community that is the internet, how do you know if your customers are getting to your site?  Are they finding the information they are looking for when they get there?  Where is your site traffic coming from?  Is there any way to collect all this information in one place?

Why yes, there is!

Google Analytics is an incredibly useful tool in studying the interactions between your website, blog or ecommerce store and the people who visit them.  The information garnered by Google Analytics can help you judge the effectiveness of your site, and help you make decisions regarding any changes that show themselves as needing to be made.

Reports You Can View 
(click on images to view examples)

Answers You Can Get


Visitor Demographics - City drill-down

  • Who’s new; who’s returning?
  • Where are your visitors from?
  • What browsers are they using?

Traffic Source
  • What keywords are people searching with to find your site?
  • How are your visitors getting to your site (referring sites, direct traffic, search engines, etc.)?

  • How many total page views?
  • On what pages are people entering and leaving the site?
  • How long are your visitors spending on your pages?
  • What products are visitors most interested in?
  • What is your total online revenue?
  • How many visits result in a purchase?

… And more!

Contact IGV, Inc. to get Google Analytics connected to your website, blog or ecommerce store.  Once Analytics has been connected to your site, it will need some time to collect data.  Give it about a month, and then you can start delving into the data Google Analytics has provided and start putting it to use!

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