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The Most Important Part of Building Your Online Community


We can all agree that building a network in the traditional sense is vital to your personal and business success, right? And we all know that the secret to building a strong network is through building relationships with the people you encounter, and should an opportunity come up you’re the fist person they call for the job, right? Okay, great – now that we all agree, I’m going to let you in on something that a lot of businesses seem to misunderstand – Social media marketing is the same thing.

When you’re building your community on social media, you have to think first of building those relationships with the people you want to follow you – You must give them a reason to care about your business.

The core of building a community is being able to recognize what that community cares about and joining the conversation. People join social media to be social, not sold to. They want to feel a connection beyond the transaction.

To sum it all up, I’m going to leave you with this:
Whether you’re B2B or B2C, the most important thing to remember isn’t what your brand says about your business, but instead about what your brand says about the people you want in your community. 

Written by Natalie Pike
Natalie is the Marketing Coordinator for Innovative Global Vision

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