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Knowing Your Target Audience



Jun 25, 2015


Have you ever felt like you’re trying to communicate your message to people but no one is responding? Ever stop to wonder if maybe you’re targeting the wrong group pf people? In order to talk to the right people who are likely to be interested in your product or service you need to first define who the “right” people are. This weeks marketing minute discusses how you can know who exactly to target your material to.

Knowing your target audience is key to your businesses success. By being able to identify who your consumer base is you are able to create promotion material and content that they will find valuable. So how do you know who to target?

Tip 1: Look at your current customers

  • If you are unsure of who exactly your target audience is, take a look first at who your current customers are. This will give you an idea of what types of people or companies are currently buying your product or service. Likely the same types of people will be your future customers as well.

Tip 2: Look at Social Media

  • You will be able to get a demographic breakdown of your followers which will allow you to target material to them. For example if you are a gym and most of your fan base is female post more women’s health topics as opposed to men’s.

Tip 3: Look at your Industry

  • Conduct an overview of your industry and identify the different segments within it to give you a better idea of where your company fits and which segments you can target next. If you are able to properly segment and target your consumer base you will be able to more effectively reach and communicate with your audience.


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