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Online Marketing Services

Trust IGV To Lead Your Complete Online Marketing Campaign to Success

Today’s consumer is virtual, making online marketing and a marketing blog critical to success. Sixty one percent of consumers research products online before buying. By 2016, an estimated 85 percent of customers will be shopping online. The importance of a company’s online presence increases with each passing year. Given these trends, companies should leverage all that the internet has to offer to help get their brand and their products in front of customers. Online marketing is the key, and IGV will help you unlock your potential.

The Importance of Content Marketing

Content marketing refers to using well developed, valuable content to help attract customers to your website and your company. When customers search for a topic online, they look for companies that they can trust as authorities to offer them the information they need and then provide them with the products and services they are looking for.

Neuromarketing tells us that customers are looking to build relationships with us. They want to know that we care about them more than just as a number. By providing customers with that quality content on the website and through blogs, you demonstrate to the customer that you know your industry very well and that you care about helping them succeed. One of the best features of the blog, however, is the search engine optimization it offers. It is the perfect place to naturally work in keywords, which will help search engines and customers alike find your website and your company. To maximize the benefits of the company blog, it is important to keep the blog regularly updated. In general, you should aim for three posts per week, but it is most important to keep the schedule consistent.

Video Production Services

You can use our video production services to take your marketing efforts to the next level. Videos will help your clients gain an inside look at what your company does from you or your customers personally. Being able to see and hear either you or your customers helps to create an entirely new level of trust. Read More

Email Marketing

Our email marketing services will help you capitalize on the following you are able to grow through your website and marketing efforts. Most professionals check their email at least once a day, so what better way to reach customers than in their inbox? Read More

Search Engine Optimization

We will work with you to optimize keywords throughout your site as well as META titles and tags to help search engines find your site for customers. Search engines look for words that tell them about the content on the site. We will make it easy for your site to be found so you can attract more people and convert them into customers. Read More

Social Media Marketing

Social media platforms are where customers gather today to discuss businesses. Having a presence on these platforms will make it easier for you to engage people on these platforms and entice them to learn more about your business. Thanks to social media, you are no longer limited to just your geographic boundaries, you can connect with people from anywhere! You can also use social media to tie in with your marketing blog. By adding links to your social pages, you can let your followers know about the content you are writing and help grow your reputation. Read More

How IGV Can Help

When you are ready to begin your blog marketing campaign, we can help you setup and install your blog. We will help you identify keywords to use in the blog while also providing copywriting services with optimized content for your blog. We will also help you promote your blog throughout social media and manage the blog and comments. We can help further your efforts through expertly made videos and search engine optimization. As customers are encouraged to sign up for newsletters or register for the site, our email marketing services can help you capitalize on this interest and relationships.

IGV understands the importance of blogs and content marketing. Let us help you become and online marketing success with our blog marketingservices. We will use our experience to help you develop posts that will offer value to readers and inspire them to become customers. Call us today to get started developing your blog.