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Mr. Chicken



Mr. Chicken experienced various challenges with their previous website that hindered customer involvement:

  • Mr. Chicken was unable to update the website themselves.  This meant that Mr. Chicken often had outdated specials on the website as they waited for requested updates to be made by their previous provider.
  • Mr. Chicken customers had difficulty downloading the catering menu since Adobe PDF reader was needed.
  • Although there was an option to submit online catering orders, the system did not function correctly.  As a result, Mr. Chicken’s catering sales were impacted.
  • The website’s navigation system was cumbersome, resulting in even more frustration for their online customers.
  • Mr. Chicken noted more than half of their customers were attempting to access their web site using cell phones and tablets.  The Mr. Chicken website was not mobile friendly, so the majority of their visitors would immediately exit after accessing the site.

IGV was able to:

  • Provide Mr. Chicken with an engaging website that was consistent with Mr. Chicken’s brand image.
  • User and mobile friendly website that Mr. Chicken can easily update themselves.


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