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Mar 21, 2011


Innovative Global Vision Announces Alliance with Web CEO Online

Macedonia, OH – 2/21/2011 Innovative Global Vision (IGV) announces an alliance with Web CEO Online to provide their clients with the latest technology in search engine optimization (SEO), link building and social media promotion. Web CEO Online is a cloud-based SEO software suite.

IGV is a full-service Internet marketing company specializing in ecommerce solutions, website development, website hosting and strategic social media implementation.

“Social media and search engine optimization have a new surge of power with Web CEO Online,” stated Karen Leonard, vice president for IGV. “With this new technology, our customers can increase their websites visibility on the web and obtain more traffic, which equates to more sales opportunities.”

According to Leonard, “Our focus has been on helping our clients get the most out of their website presence to gain exposure, hits and new followers to their sites. As we progress with technologies like Web CEO Online, it will mean a whole new arena to make a company’s web site a marketing tool like they have never had before.”

For more information call Karen Leonard at 330-425-0922 ext. 112.

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