About Envoy Promotions

Envoy Promotions is a new and different kind of promotional products company. An “Envoy” is defined as “someone who is sent as a representative from one organization to another, “ similar to an ambassador. With literally thousands of promotional products on which to put your company logo, Envoy Promotions is the one who can sort through the clutter, narrow down the options and get the PERFECT promotional item.

About The Project

To gain an upper edge on the competition Envoy promotions wanted to take it up a notch with a personal eCommerce website that would help capture a large audience and reduce overhead. Envoy and IGV teamed up and worked in close collaboration to develop a website that would fundamentally give his potential clients an in depth view into his products and ultimately lead to growth in sales. The objective was to focus on; a organized navigational structure, responsive design, a contact form for ease of communication with clients and a user friendly eCommerce platform.

Project Results

The final product, resulted in a website that presented a strong web presence, good and clean user experience and great consideration to mobile responsiveness. Envoy Promotions has since then been able to easily maintain their product line with the use of WooCommerce. To this day Envoy continues to grow and increase in web presence across all forms of mobile media.

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Envoy Promotions

Since the launch of the new site Envoy has been able to reach out to a larger audience and improve in sales.

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