About Homeward Bath

Their quality bathroom products are perfect for those who seek nothing less than the best bathroom products in the market today. Homewardbath bathroom products comprise of a list of bath tubs, air tubs, steam shower, massage tubs and more. Designed with extra safety measures to deliver an absolutely rejuvenating experience while bathing, their exclusive range of accessible quick drain bathtubs are for those who need special care during bathing. The state of the art Homewardbath design jet tubs are meant to give you a hot spring bathing experience.

About The Project

With growing success Homeward Bath pushed forward expanding their services and product line to a greater scale, selling not only Steam Showers but showers for assistance and animal care. In order to accommodate for this drastic change Homeward bath needed a website that would help dive interest and ultimately reach a larger audience and bring in sales leads. With a set objective to IGV worked closely with Homeward Bath to fine tune the websites presence and provide a insightful experience to all visitors to their website.

Project Results

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Homeward Bath

Since the launch of the new site created by IGV, customer engagement on Homeward Bath’s website increased immensely and ease of accessibility through mobile devices has improved user experience.

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