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IRGICP, LLC. is a Real Estate Brokerage that owns over 40,000,000 square feet of property within three states: Ohio, Pennsylvania and Michigan. IRGICP continues to expand its property listings, and property selection enables them to provide a full suite of offerings to their clients. Whether you’re interested in leasing or owning, IRGICP has everything a client needs to build a successful company.

The Objective

IRGICP initially approached IGV with a need to reach their targeted audience through an online presence that allowed them to view their available property listings. IRGICP want a system that was easy to manage and allowed viewers to browse a list of properties with available filter options. To achieve this goal, IGV recommended utilizing WordPress as their CMS (Content Management System) because of its flexibility and simple user interface. IGV’s development team began developing custom code that would allow visitors to browse through a list of available properties and have filter options. Also, each property listing would include additional information to contact the realtor, available space, location, and an image.

The Result

The choice to utilize WordPress as their CMS came back with positive results. IRGICP began to see increase traffic to their website and increased calls for showings. Management of their properties made it more accessible through WordPress’s simple admin portal and IGV’s custom code development. To this day, IRGICP continues to list properties with the ever-growing demand for the industry.


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