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Website Redesign Project: Lake Shore Electric Corporation

About Lake Shore Electric

Lake Shore Electric manufactures equipment used all over the world. Whether land-based or marine, our products can be found in South America, the Middle East, the Caribbean, Central America, at the South Pole, and of course all over the United States of America and Canada. They have had the privilege of providing critical equipment for all branches of our Armed Forces, as well as, many allies around the world. From data to telecom, healthcare to utility or commercial to agricultural, Lake Shore Electric has withstood the test of time by offering quality product, superior engineering and the ability to custom deliver just what the project needs. This flexibility gives them an advantage that most of their competitors just don’t offer.

About The Project

As one of Ohio’s leading suppliers of Generator Control Switchgear and Transfer Switches Lake Shore Electric was ready to take their next step with a stronger website presence. Working in close collaboration with Lake Shore Electric IGV was able to focus in on key aspects that would help drive Lake Shore forward. User accessibility, responsiveness and clean design were all taken into careful consideration when developing their new website.

Project Results

Color Pallet

Lake Shore Electric

With a new website presence Lake Shore and greatly improved the user experience to viewers.

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