About Mr.Chicken

Since 1968 Mr.Chicken has served Cleveland its famous crispy, juicy and tender chicken. Since their beginning their business ideology is to always deliver “Farm Fresh Food.” Every portion of food that is served comes straight from local farms, seasoned  and cooked with their famous Mr.Chicken seasoning. Mr.Chicken cares about their customers and they will continue to work hard to deliver fresh food at a great price.

The Challenge

Mr. Chicken experienced various challenges with their previous website that hindered their customer’s ability to use the site:

Updating their previous website required HTML coding knowledge and an HTML editor. Therefore, Mr. Chicken’s employees were unable to update the website themselves. This meant that they often had outdated specials on the website as they waited for requested updates to be made by their previous provider.

Mr. Chicken’s customers had difficulty downloading the catering menu since Adobe PDF reader was needed.Although there was an option to submit online catering orders, the system did not function correctly. As a result, Mr. Chicken’s catering sales were impacted.The website’s navigation system was cumbersome, resulting in even more frustration for their online customers.

Being that the website was not mobile-friendly, more than half of their customers were not able to use their cell phones to access their website; this was a huge concern, since many of their customers needed to be able to access their online menu to determine what they would like to order before arriving at a Mr. Chicken location.


IGV Provided Mr. Chicken with an engaging, mobile-friendly website that was consistent with their branding. Their new website was built on a Content Management System, making it easy for them to make changes to the content and keep their website up-to-date. We also built a new catering order system that allows their customers to submit a catering order that can be modified by staff members.



Farm Fresh Chicken Sandwich T-Shirt

This Farm Fresh Chicken Sandwich t-shirt was designed by our creative service team to introduce Mr. Chicken’s new sandwich. It was worn by all employees working at each Mr. Chicken location

Statistical Results







Billboard Design


” Since the new site, our online ordering has increased. Our website traffic has increased by 154%, engagement has increased by 120.74%, and bounces have decreased by 12.58%. Desktop and mobile users are staying on the website longer and clicking through the site, catering orders have increased. Traffic to our Facebook, YouTube and Twitter improved. I would definitely recommend IGV to others that are seeking to improve their website’s performance.”


Director of Marketing, Mr.Chicken