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A complete redesign to a legacy design.

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About NipTuck Auto Detailing

Nip Tuck Auto Detailing is a dynamic company that provides exceptional vehicle appearance and protection services to local businesses and our surrounding community. Providing quality products and services that exceed expectations has established Nip Tuck Auto Detailing as the premier car detailing service in the Northeast, Ohio area. Nip Tuck Auto Detailing is devoted to providing our customers with the ultimate detailing experience.

The Objective

NipTuck Auto’s old website presented its challenges; it was very much outdated, the structure wasn’t consistent, and there was a lack of responsiveness. With these challenges in mind, IGV began formulating a concrete structure that would improve the user experience and place Niptuck Auto at the forefront of modern website design. Focus began with a wireframe design, which communicated the visual aspect of the end goal. The IGV team then translated into a design that would serve as the basis for our development team to start creating.

The Result

The finished product resulted in Niptuck Auto, gaining a significant advantage compared to their competitor’s website. Their new website was much more cleaner, organized, structure, but, most importantly, responsive. With a more substantial online presence, Niptuck’s new website soon gain traction, leading to new leads, higher foot traffic, and a stronger presence.


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