Responsive Mobile Friendly Website Designing Cleveland, Ohio

Responsive Mobile Friendly Website Design

Years ago, Internet users would wait until they get to the office or home to visit websites. Times have changed and users are now visiting the Internet almost exclusively on small, mobile devices with touch screen interfaces. They are using links that you send to customers via email, for example, or by links found on social media sites like Twitter or Facebook. One of the main indicators of this advantage is that mobile sites are now being given a “Mobile Friendly” badge in search engine results, letting users know right away which sites are optimized for these devices and which ones are not.

Mobile Responsiveness

The challenge that this represents for businesses has to do with a dramatically different viewing landscape. If you design a site with only the desktop experience in mind, mobile users will be left with a cluttered mess that is impossible to properly navigate on a device like an iPhone or iPad. Responsive Mobile Friendly Website Designing

Responsive mobile-friendly website design becomes hugely important – not just for Google search engine purposes, but for the users themselves. Responsive sites and mobile sites are not the same concept. A mobile site is a layout designed exclusively for a mobile device, while responsive web design allows you to design your page once with all possible viewing environments in mind. With a responsive design, the site will then automatically adjust based on the device that the user is viewing it on. Desktop users can still have their traditional environment while mobile users get a friendly, responsive environment that can be controlled on a small screen with a touch screen interface.

Key Benefits of Responsive Website Design

Helps with search engine ranking, by avoiding the pitfalls of duplicate content and multiple versions.

Streamline budgets by developing one future-friendly site, that works on all devices.

Creates a consistent presence that works on all devices, positively impacting reach and conversion factors.

Decrease management and maintenance with only one site to maintain.

Enhance Viability

Saves Money

Increase Effectiveness

Saves Time