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Social Media Marketing Services

Succeed with Your Social Media Marketing Campaign

Social media is the modern water cooler or town hall. Of the adults in the United States who are online, nearly three quarters of them use social media, and that number jumps to 90 percent when referring to those in the 18-29 age bracket. Customers use social media to connect with their friends, to network, and to follow their favorite brands.

This is the age of building relationships with your customers; helping them to trust you to know your industry and to provide them with the goods and services they are looking for. It can be a challenge, however, to navigate the various social media platforms and finding the time to keep them all updated and engaged. With the help of IGV, you can be well on your way to building a successful presence across the social platforms.

How Social Media Affects Business

Social networking revolves around a continuous conversation you have with your customers. It is a platform for you to continue to provide your customers with valuable content as well as information about promotions and company news to help them get engaged with the company. Your goal is to get people talking about your company so you can respond and continue the conversation.

People turn to social media as the new way to handle customer service disagreements, airing their disagreements or questions regardless of whether or not the company is online. You need to have a social media presence to monitor these conversations, address concerns, and answer questions. If you are not there, you will have no way to protect your reputation.

Customers also seek to learn about the company and their place within the industry, or to just contact a member of the team and see how the company can help them. Your online presence can help you reach out to new customers

Thanks to social media, you also do not have to be limited to your geographical area. The global reach of these social platforms allows you to connect with potential customers anywhere and at any time.

How IGV Can help

While the benefits of social media marketing may sound appealing, you may be overwhelmed at the thought of setting up and maintaining a presence on the various social media platforms. Fortunately, IGV has the experience you need to develop your pages and use them to engage potential customers.

Our representatives will help you write compelling descriptions about your company, completely in line with your own branding, and then promote useful and interesting content to entice and engage new customers. As the conversation begins, we can guide you as much as you need in responding to customer questions, complaints, and compliments. We will also help you integrate yoursocial media marketing campaign with the rest of your inbound marketing campaign and turn your page visitors into customers.

Social networking and the various popular platforms are the perfect place for speaking directly with your customers. It exemplifies the wisdom in meeting your customers where they already are, and enticing them to follow you. Call IGV to learn more about how we can help you succeed in the modern, virtual marketing world.