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Jul 11, 2011


“Advertising is fundamentally persuasion and persuasion happens to be not a science, but an art.” – William Bernbach

From your blog of the day to an Email Blast to a business communication discussing a product or service, our lives have become more and more focused on that single line of text: the Subject Line. Your goal is to catch the attention and interest of your target audience – without getting smacked down by a spam filter.

Have you ever looked at some of the subject lines in your spam or junk folders? You will probably find a lot of one-word subjects, along with subjects that include words such as “free”, “trial”, “order”, “promotion”, “contact” … you get the idea. You can find lists and lists of words that most frequently get caught by the spam filter.

But your goal isn’t to just avoid the pit of Spam; you want to catch your target audience’ eye and make them want to know more. Using humor is a good technique; if you can make someone chuckle, they’re more likely to be willing to see what more you have to say. Try using a play on the words of your product or topic of your blog. Use those writing techniques you learned in English class, like rhyming and alliteration (the repetition of beginning vowels or consonants). Use words or phrases that are particular to your target audience if you can, or try to describe your product or topic in an unusual way.

These techniques can help you keep within your target audience’ radar, and out of the spam zone.

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