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The Perks of Customer Reviews



Nov 29, 2011



What Customer Reviews Do For You

if by some strange twist of fate they too have an issue with the product or service, they can count on a professional resolution of the situation by the business.  If no one has yet left a review on a product, it is a neutral effect.  If a customer does purchase it, that option to “Be the First to Review This Item!” is often inducement enough to return to the site after the purchase to let their voice be heard.

Some other benefits of customer reviews on a site are:

  • Reviews are highly linkable and provide “updated content”, encouraging search engines to improve your site rankings
  • The way your customers talk about your products can provide you with new or more searchable keywords to apply to your product

Customer Reviews Using Facebook Integration

recent launch of’s new store website, IGV has added another layer of benefit to the standard customer review.  Products can only be rated by customers logged into their store account, greatly reducing the possibility of random malicious low rankings.  Also (and this is huge, folks), instead of the review feature being confined to display only on the store website, we have improved the feature to integrate with Facebook.  Now, to leave a review, the customer must simply sign in to their Facebook account and leave their review in the widget.  When they post their review of a product, it will visible on One Lucky Dog’s FB page, the customer’s page, and the pages of the members of both the customer’s and the store’s social network.

No longer will product reviews be visible to only those searching for that particular product or those who actually make it to the store!  This new feature will allow the word to be spread about great products across the Facebook universe, inspiring folks who might not have been interested before to visit One Lucky Dog’s online store and perhaps make purchases of their own.  What could be better than free advertising?

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