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We Updated Our Website!



Jul 27, 2018



As a website design and marketing agency, we understand the positive impact a beautifully designed website can have on a company, which is why we decided to give ours a makeover. We wanted to create a website that better communicates our agency’s mission of providing clients with solutions that help their businesses grow. Our new website effectively shows how our services help grow our clients’ businesses by helping them attract new customers and build deeper, profitable relationships using strategically designed sites, digital marketing, and productivity tools.

Improved User-Friendliness:

Our former website accumulated plugins that slowed down the site over time and displayed images that were not optimized. Our updated website is performing 90% better and features the latest design techniques and coding standards. We improved the organization of our content so that it is easier to read and gather the important information with minimal hassle. The homepage is a perfect example of this streamlined approach, for it begins with a call to action that quickly highlights what our agency can do for our customers, followed by the services we offer, and ends with our credibility — including our testimonial videos, project statistics, and informational sources.

Updated Customer Testimonial Videos:

Video is one of the fastest growing and most engaging types of content on the internet. Because of this, we updated our customer testimonials on the homepage. There are now three video testimonials detailing how our social media, SEO, and web design services have helped our clients achieve their business goals. These videos are of higher quality than before and displayed in a slideshow format for easy browsing.

Enhanced Portfolio Pages:

Visitors can now view portfolios featuring our previous marketing and web design projects. These portfolios highlight the challenges our clients faced and the approach we used to yield positive results. We have helped clients in every industry including restaurants, automotive shops, and even NFL teams such as The Cleveland Browns. We proudly display our projects because, despite the small size of our agency, no project is beyond our capabilities.

Take a look around our website to see all the new features and let us know what you think!

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