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Website Usability Testing Services

Usability Testing Will Enhance Your Customers Experience on Your Site

Website usability testing gives companies unique insight into the customer experience of their website. The ease with which a customer is able to use your website will be a major determining factor in whether or not they will do business with you. Since you designed the website, it can be difficult for you to see potential pitfalls that might turn customers off from completing transactions or contacting you to do business. Fortunately, there are tests that you can run to see how easily customers can use the site and if any portions need to be amended.

The benefits of website usability testing

When you regularly test your website for usability, you will achieve a higher retention of customers on your site. You will be able to see what others are saying about the website that you were not aware of, and fix any glitches that might be impeding customer conversion. It will also reduce shopping cart abandonment. When you make the process as seamless for customers as possible, there will be fewer distractions for them and fewer reasons for them to leave the transaction uncompleted. As customers become more inclined to stay on the site, making purchases and engaging with the brand, you will experience increases in sales and profit. The insight offered from website usability testing can make an enormous difference in the bottom line.

How IGV can help

We will work with you to set up and run tests to determine the usability of your website. We work with testers who will audibly offer you feedback about your site as they progress through the website, page by page. The testers will be carefully selected to match the demographics of your intended audience, assuring you of accurate and applicable information. The testers offer you insight about your look and feel and how easy the site is to navigate. They will let you know what might interrupt the sales process. When you use your own site, you are not as likely to notice these potential problems because you are the one who designed it. Getting outside opinions will offer a much more realistic look at what potential customers are thinking compared to your own perusing of the site.

Using this information, we will then work with you to determine the best way to implement the necessary changes to maximize the website experience of your customers. We can have your website tested as we work on building a new online presence for you, or you can contact us to test an existing site.

Website usability plays an enormous role in how likely your customers are to stay on your site, engage with the brand, and complete transactions. When people find pages to be distracting or difficult to navigate, they are more likely to leave the page. Determining where the site weaknesses lie can help you stop these leaks and convert more page visitors into paying customers. IGV not only can help you run website usability tests and interpret the outcomes, we can also help you enhance your website and improve your online presence. Call us today to get started determining your websiteusability.