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Why Bother Blogging?



Nov 4, 2011


Being in the business of website design, development and hosting, IGV often runs into resistance when we encourage including a blog in a client’s site.

“Do I really need a blog?” “But it’s so much work!” “I have no idea what to blog about.” “Will people actually read it?”

These are the basic responses of which we hear variations on a frequent basis. Well, here we are, writing a blog, to ease these qualms!

Before mentioning the benefits of blogging, we should mention the basic blogging “best practices” which will give the best results for your efforts.

  • Make sure your blog is hosted on YOUR domain and is linked to your website (ask IGV how!) to make sure your website receives all the SEO benefits from your blogs appearance in search results and the visits to your articles.
  • Use tools like Google AdWords to research what the online community is actually searching about in your field. Write about those subjects to make your blog relevant and valuable.
  • Use searchable keyword phrases within the body of your article (again, you can use keyword tools like Google AdWords to see what people are searching on).
  • Pick a manageable schedule for releasing articles, and try your best to stick to it! If you get returning readers, you don’t want to put them off by not giving them their latest bloggy fix when they expect it. If you are worried about missing a date, ask the author of another blog in your field if you can repost or “syndicate” an article of theirs, or ask a guest writer to write an article for you.

So there’s the how; now what about “Why?”In the optimum situation, wherein your blog is housed on your domain, these are the benefits you can expect:

  • The keywords you use in the body of your articles make your site more searchable and increases traffic to your site when visitors view blog articles. When the search engine spiders crawl your articles, relevant searchable keywords will allow your blog (and the website it’s linked to) to rise in the search rankings without having to resort to risky tactics such as “keyword stuffing” or other things that search engines frown on.
  • Return traffic is encouraged as visitors begin to follow your blog and check back to view new content.
  • Updating your blog on a regular basis is an easy way to have your site show as having been updated. This encourages search-engines to reassess and possibly improve the rank of your site.
  • Having other sites link to one of your articles, or linking out to another site within your article is a good, search-engine-friendly way to obtain incoming links to your site and have the search engines see you as a well-rounded resource.
  • Blogs are a great opportunity for inexpensive promotional and/or relational marketing. Show your site visitors that you know what you’re talking about. Share insights or stories that allow your visitors to relate to your business or to you personally.

HINT: Posting your blog articles on social media platforms such as Facebook or Twitter has the potential to send surges of new traffic to your site and provide high-quality inbound links as readers re-post or share your article with their networks.

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