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Mission Statement

Innovative Global Vision (IGV) aims to empower businesses and individuals to succeed online through innovative website development and reliable hosting solutions. We are dedicated to providing customized services that are specifically designed to suit the individual requirements of our clients. Our goal is to exceed expectations by providing high-quality results. Our team of experts is committed to keeping abreast of the latest technologies and trends. We take pride in being a reliable partner in our clients' digital success.

It is all about results

Headquartered in the heartland of Ohio, we have been dedicated to helping businesses do more business by turning their website into a marketing hub that attracts website traffic and converts them to leads. 

In 2021, we broadened our horizons by expanding to London, Ontario. We are not simply confined to creating visually compelling websites. Our approach transcends aesthetics, leveraging purpose and insightful analytic data to optimize your digital presence in a highly competitive marketplace. 

With our comprehensive solution, you can rest assured that we provide secure hosting, agile and timely website updates, and ironclad protection against malicious cyber threats. This ensures an efficient and updated website and peace of mind.

Our team is highly responsive to your website update requests, delivering time-sensitive content updates and providing ongoing website maintenance. Additionally, we implement robust security measures to preserve the integrity of your data while ensuring a safe browsing experience for your visitors.

Let us transform your website into a powerful tool that drives conversions, engages your audience, and supports your overall digital marketing strategy.

Meet Our Leadership Team

Karen Leonard headshot

Karen Leonard

Chief Marketing Officer
Karen is a highly experienced web developer, digital marketer, professional speaker, and workshop facilitator specializing in marketing and website topics. A programming graduate from Sheridan College, Karen's Canadian upbringing fostered an entrepreneurial spirit, sparking her passion for assisting business owners and marketers. She champions revenue growth by driving traffic to their websites using a blend of email, social media, and SEO strategies. She then effectively converts this traffic to leads with the UX-responsive websites she meticulously crafts.

Embodying the mind of an analytical thinker, Karen relishes problem-solving tasks. Her exceptional professionalism and effectiveness in sales and marketing have earned her several notable accolades. Among these is the Achievement in Excellence Award by NSME (National Sales & Marketing Executives), given to professionals demonstrating outstanding dedication and professionalism in their careers. This selection is made by NSME leaders relying on local professionals' nominations.

One of her most distinguished recognitions came in 2015 when she was named Solution Provider of the Year by Constant Contact, a prestigious award given to only 19 recipients out of 10,000 Solution Providers worldwide. This commendation underscores her commitment to providing top-tier solutions in digital marketing. Furthermore, the Northeast Ohio Council on Higher Education recognized her commitment to nurturing talent and named her company the Best Small Business Company Internship in 2019.

When not revolutionizing digital marketing strategies or creating engaging, user-friendly websites, Karen unwinds by engaging in running, biking, and playing pool. Her professional achievements and personal interests make Karen a well-rounded and respected figure in her field.
Justin Leonard headshot

Justin Leonard

Chief Executive Officer
Justin Leonard is an industry luminary with over a quarter-century of rich experience in both cloud and desktop IT sectors. His diverse portfolio is accentuated by strategic development and seamless implementation of information technology strategies. As a futurist, Justin has a keen knack for harnessing emerging technologies and leading cross-functional teams towards collective success.

His professional trajectory boasts collaboration with some of the titans in the business world, including Progressive Insurance, Microsoft, VMWare. Moreover, his technological prowess extends to professional sports teams such as those in the NFL and NBA, demonstrating his wide-ranging capability.

Fueled by a relentless drive to deliver exceptional results, Justin has conceived and honed a unique process exclusive to IGV. This meticulously designed approach is oriented towards facilitating businesses in accomplishing their specified goals – be it escalating foot traffic, amplifying phone calls, or boosting sales.

Outside the professional arena, Justin cherishes an active lifestyle. He is enthusiastic about weight training, running, and biking, demonstrating a balance between his work and personal life. He also enjoys swimming, reflecting his dedication to fitness and well-being.

A stalwart in the IT industry, Justin Leonard embodies a blend of experience, innovation, and leadership. His exceptional track record and commitment to achieving measurable results have poised him as a respected figure in his field.
Iggy Vision IconIggy Vision Headshot

Iggy Vision

Customer Service and Support
Innovative Global Vison
Mr. Iggy Vision is the heart of the customer service and support team for the Innovative Global Vision chatbot. Schooled at the University of Hard Hops, Iggy has been hopping along at Innovative Global Vision for many years but has taken a front seat to our online support.

Iggy enjoys long hops on the beach, chocolate-covered insects, and watching Kermit on the Muppet Show when not managing the chatbot.


2022 Best Local Web Development Company

IGV, has been selected as one of 19 Best Local Web Development companies for 2022 in Akron, OH by Expertise.com.
Expertise.com 2022 Best Akron Web Developer Award Badge

As a small agency,

we understand the challenges small businesses face and feel that size should not hinder success. Hundreds of businesses open daily — make sure yours remains on top in the midst of fierce competition.

What sets you apart from your competitors?

How can your company remain top of mind to your customers?

How can you maximize your return on investment?

Our agency provides solutions to these questions through our personalized services that are made to help you accomplish your business goals. We are committed to offering a five-star customer experience that yields measurable results. Let’s work together — contact us today so we can start discussing your ideas and help your business succeed.

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