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Drive More Organic Traffic to Your Website & Engage Your Readers

Creating content for your digital marketing footprint benefits your business in a multitude of ways. When done correctly it can boost your organic reach to your website and improve your search engine rankings without having to pay for advertising on the search engines. Great content will also help your company stand out as an expert in your field, improving your overall brand awareness.

In our Content Marketing Academy, you will learn the formula for creating dynamic content that drives traffic to your website. The results are repeatable for every piece of content your company produces. Results happen when you do the work, and we are here to show you how. Start with the end in mind.

Who should join our academy?

Our content marketing academy is perfect for the solo entrepreneur up to a mid-sized company that wants their team to improve their digital marketing efforts to maximize efficiency. Leverage our decades of experience to improve your results.
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Two Training Models for Your Convenience


$599.99 USD

The instructor-led course gives you access to our Director of Digital Marketing for one hour in each section of your course. This added support ensures your team clearly understands the workflow and process as you receive assistance with developing a finished project.
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$199.99 USD

The self-guided course gives you and your team the opportunity to go through our content marketing process at your own pace with samples of the workflow and plenty of additional video tutorials.
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