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About Bio-Blocks

Summit Wood Industries, Inc., founded in 2000, is a wholesale, millwork manufacturing company. Their recycled BIO BLOCK Firewood helps keep sawdust waste out of landfills and provide an environmental friendly alternative for firewood. The company also offers other products made from recycled products, that compliment the BIO BLOCK Firewood. This small, family owned business operates with the goal to provide environmentally friendly options to conscious consumers.

The Objective

The initial Bio-Block website design was missing vital elements that would support a competitive edge. The previous website was outdated, as it lacked modern web development aspects and was not mobile-friendly.

A reconstruction of the site was needed to target key elements of the client’s product and business purpose. Our goal was to create a structural design that would improve user experience and emphasize the main product.

The lack of crucial website elements and not being mobile friendly led to high bounce rates for our client’s website, as many customers would not stay on the site long enough to interact. Without a mobile-friendly design, our client’s SEO and search engine ranking suffered deficits.

The Result

IGV was able to develop a website that was fully compatible with today’s development standards and capable of competing with today’s website design trends. By creating an effective, responsive design that optimized user experience we were able to reduce Bio-Block’s bounce rate.

The new design improved Search Engine Optimization; however, our team took it a step further to increased website traffic. After redesigning the site, our client was shown how to use Yoast SEO. The new mobile-friendly design coupled with Yoast SEO dramatically increased mobile traffic and improved the site’s SEO rankings.


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SEO – Statistical Results

The results speak for themselves, see how a redesign to BIO-BLOCKS old website helped to generate greater results.
Release date: October, 2018

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