5 Digital Marketing Trends for 2020

With the new year on the horizon, what is your marketing plan? Small businesses get a head start with their marketing endeavors by anticipating digital marketing trends. Here are 5 trends for 2020 that will keep your business thriving and use the digital marketing scene to drive revenue! Use these trends as you plan for your updated marketing strategy.

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Interactive Content

Interactive content gets your audience involved! Today there is a greater emphasis on engagement in digital marketing. Facebook added tools like polls and Instagram question stickers. You can put a shoppable item, quizzes, polls, and reactions within your content. Include a questionnaire in your email or a poll in your Instagram Stories to encourage interaction with your content.

Voice Search

More than ever, people use voice command systems, such as Siri and Alexa, to quickly gather information, especially about local businesses. To respond to this trend, focus on voice engine optimization. Voice search depends on data it can get quickly, so fast website loading speed and accurate business listings are essential.

Also, update your website content and keywords to appeal to voice search inquiries. For example, on your product page, add, “How much does (your product for services) cost?” People ask these types of questions when using voice systems. With your website content, including this question with the page content as the answer, voice search engines pick your website page up as the immediate answer to a typical voice inquiry.

With the right SEO tools you can determine which keywords and phrases will drive traffic to your website. Marketing tools can help you implement all these digital trends with success. Here is a list ofmarketing tools you need to know in 2020 that can help with search optimization, email, ads, analysis and more.


Video content was a “trend” for the past couple of years —but that is the point! Video is the most powerful way to visual communicate online. Videos within social media and emails improve overall conversion and engagement. Social media algorithms favor videos too.

This year take your video content up a level by using the video features social media platforms offer like Facebook ad Instagram stories, live videos, and IGTV (Instagram TV). Don’t just post a video; make use of these integrations. When you have new content ideas, ask yourself, how can I present this in video format? Can a tip be presented into a quick video? Can a recipe be shown in a time-lapse video?

Social Media for Education

Today, individuals use social media not to socialize but to learn. How-To tutorials are the most popular video content on Instagram. Social media detoxing is a current trend, as people want a break for potential feelings of being left, time-wasters, and pressure to conform to high standards of beauty or lifestyles. If they happen to use YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, or any other social media, it will be to find information to better their lives. Create content that educates and serves a purpose.


Personalization isn’t more a trend than it is a change in strategy. People are tired of seeing generic ads and mass emails in their inbox. But people also value privacy and are creeped out to see ads based on their previous browser activity. New browser updates are limiting third-party data tracking.

Segmentation is an effective personalization method. For emails, you want segmented email lists, letting subscribers choose what information they like to receive from you. Ask your audience for data and use that information to tailor the content you give them! The key is asking first.

Ad segmentation breaks up an ad campaign into various sets. For example, you’re a photography company and having a special. So, you create unique ad sets for families, businesses, and weddings. Each ad is for the same special campaign but designed to appeal to individual groups.

What digital marketing trend are you look forward to this year? What are some more practical ways to respond to these digital trends? Save and share the info-graphic for an easy guide to trends for 2020!

2020 Digital Marketing Trends Infographic


Karen Leonard
November 29, 2019

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