An Era Ends: Adobe Lays Mobile Flash to Rest


Anyone who wants their website to be as impressive on a mobile device should stand up and take notice: Adobe has announced that, as of August 15th, 2012, the Flash plugin will be removed from the Google Play Store, and the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean operating system will not have a certified version of Flash Player.  Phones running Android 4.0 or lower will still run Flash, but Adobe actually suggests that you uninstall Flash if you are going to update your Android device to Jelly Bean.  Adobe will no longer be working to maintain compatibility, and future devices that are still running Flash may develop security issues or become unstable.

Apple’s mobile products refusing to support Flash; Macs do not come with the Flash plugin.  The future of Flash on desktops and laptops is also becoming more uncertain as Microsoft will not be including the Flash plugin in their new Windows 8 o.s.  The world seems to be moving on, with HTML5 set to become the new top development language for the animations and applications which were once the domain of Flash.

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Karen Leonard
July 6, 2012

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