Email Marketing – Be the Orange

different concepts - orange between green apples

As the old saying goes “you can’t compare apples to oranges”

Wouldn’t you want your company to be the orange in barrel full of apples? In that barrel full of apples, you the orange will catch the eye of the customer.

Strong branding is an essential to any size business. Moreover, imperative for the small businesses, who aim is to demonstrate that their product or business will exceed expectations of customers; comparative to the national brand.

Effectively utilizing Email Marketing as a Branding Tool is an low-cost technique to educate consumers about your goods or services, bring bring traffic to your website, which entails raises overall brand awareness. Brand awareness is key in maintaining and acquiring new customers.

3 C’s to adhere to effectively utilize Email Marketing: Consistency, Content, and Comfort.


Follow a uniform approach. Use the same fonts, color schemes, graphics, and logos that you use on your website or social media pages within the newsletter, blog, or coupon. This ensures that customers or potential customers, are able to recognize your company at first glance. To help achieve this consider a template. Templates will assist in keeping a uniform color, layout, subject line, and content from email to email. Constant Contact is an excellent source for templates that you can customize to the precise appearance you desire. Consider sending out your newsletter, blog, or coupon around the same time each month or week. Capable of leading to a build of anticipation


A strong suggestion is to follow the 70:20:10 rule, for email marketing

Using 70:20:10 framework 70% of the content should consist of sharing tips, tricks, of beneficial information with your audience. 20% of the time you are sharing information new trends from within your industry, which you perceive has helpful information. The last 10% should be a Call-to Action. This is the time to push a certain product or promotion.

Be sure to add links to your website and social media site to help foster a relationship


This may be the most difficult to achieve out of all the C’s. Comfort involves assorted aspects.  Can your newsletter, blog, or coupon be accessed on mobile devices? Is it wordy? Do you use sense of familiarity? Is the content relatable? In short it’s all about meeting the customer where they are at. The only work that the customer has to do is click and buy.

Karen Leonard
August 6, 2014

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