Get Free Exposure with Google Shopping Product Listings

When you search on Google, the results may be product listings. People can easily shop for products based on Google search. Up until recently, businesses had to pay for their products to be listed in search results. Note, in the photo below, that the Shopping tab items section is marked as sponsored.

On April 21st, 2020 Google announced that it is now free to sell on Google. The search results on the Google Shopping Tab will now consist of mostly free listings. By “free listings,” we mean businesses and merchants do not have to pay to be featured on the Shopping Tab.

Google Shopping Product Listing Search

Google launched this change in response to the growing pandemic. Many businesses are struggling and have to cut ad spending budgets. More people are online and shopping on the internet. With this change, Google can help both merchants sell and help potential buyers find new products.

Now You Can Gain Free Exposure

With your products showing up in organic search results, you gain free exposure. There is now a higher chance for people to find your products. Remember, search ads have a high conversion rate. Usually, when people are searching for something, they are looking for direct and immediate solutions. They may be farther along the buying process than someone casually scrolling social media or driving past a billboard ad./?

How to Take Advantage of Google Product Listings?

So how can you make use of this fantastic update? To start selling your products across Google, you must apply for the Google Merchant Center. As a user, you can create and manage your product feed. With a Google Merchant Center account, you can upload product listings for Google Shopping, Google Product Ads, and Google Commerce Search.

Upload your products. Prepare your product info to submit through a feed. You can sync your products from online-store databases like on Shopify or WooCommerce. You can also set up your feed with data from a simple Excel spreadsheet. Next, you can upload your products into programs. You have control where Google will high your products. Some of these programs or surfaces cost an advertising fee.

Anatomy of a Google Product Listing

Anatomy of a Google Product Listing

To optimize your product listing, focus on your product titles and descriptions. It is important to add relevant keywords to your product titles and descriptions. If your description or title is not related to the search query, then it won’t come as a result. Research what keywords and phrases people use to search the type of products you sell. Be descriptive in your product listings and use high quality, vivid product images.

Google’s making free listings available, really opens the door for businesses to reach more potential customers. Using Google Shopping Tab as a merchant does come with a learning curb, but the efforts mean increased sales and discoverability. Will you be using Google Shopping listings? If you were already a Google Merchant Center member, can you use the freed-up funds for further advertising on Google?

Karen Leonard
May 4, 2020

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