How to Create Engaging Video Marketing Content

The rising trend of video content consumption continues to dominate the digital marketing landscape. Many apps like LinkedIn, TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram find success in focusing on video content. Web users are not the only ones who love video; businesses cannot get enough of how video marketing is helping them generate more awareness, traffic, and sales. One study found that 93% of brands got a new customer because of a video on social media. Why is video so effective? It makes your audience stop the scroll and view the video. It is engaging, immersive, and brings an idea to life!    

Despite the data, many business owners and marketers are still hesitant to post video content or do not post as much as they should. Is there something holding you back? Are you unsure what your video should be about or long it should be? Or do you feel camera shy or intimidated by the perceived challenges and expenses that come with creating videos? The following tips will help you confront your fears and get you to start posting engaging video content!   

How to Create Engaging Video Marketing Content

Social Media Video Ideas to Increase Engagement  

What should you make videos about? Your videos should be engaging, along with either entertaining or educating. Entertain your audience with storytelling, comedic relief, and authentic behind-the-scenes bits! Educate your audience with product tutorials, industry tips and advice, and customer reviews.   

There are so many video formats to choose from. You can go short form with Stories (Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn), Reels (Instagram), or Shorts (YouTube). These video types are great for quickly consumed content that either is packed with education or entertains viewers.   

Longer form content can be used for customer testimonials or in-depth tips and tutorials. Try live streaming, IGTV, and YouTube videos. It is good to create a mix of both short and long video content.   

How to Create Engaging Video Marketing Content  

Video Marketing for the Camera Shy  

Many find the idea of video marketing daunting, whether you are camera shy or intimidated by the technical aspect of posting videos. The best way to get more comfortable in front of the camera is to ease into it. Challenge yourself to create a short tip video or explain a behind-the-scenes process. Add this video content to your regular social media posting schedule.  The more times you find yourself in front of the camera, the more comfortable you will become.   

How to Script Videos for Social Media 

No matter how long you have been creating videos, it is good practice to create a brief script or outline. A script may be good for long-form videos, but a bullet point outline will allow for more natural language. As you write the content for your videos, think about the audience’s problem, the solution you are sharing, and how to implement the solution. Other content may be scripted with an introduction that hooks the viewer in with a viewpoint question or statement they can resonate with. Then you offer an answer or punch line to the joke.   

How to Easily Edit Videos 

canva video editor for video marketing

If you are intimidated by the technical part of video marketing, be assured that you do not need to use a fancy camera or software. In this digital age, anyone can create a simple video with a smartphone or computer camera! Make editing easy by adding overlays that match your brand, background music, and text to help emphasize the main points throughout the video. Canva can help you achieve all of this. With Canva’s simple drag-and-drop tool, it is not only easy but fun to create compelling short videos with templates, free stock images, videos, and music.

Join us for the Getting Started With Canva Webinar to learn how to design compelling content for social media and email. If you are thinking about using Canva, just getting started, or looking to unlock more of its potential, this webinar has something for you!

It is vital to include videos in your digital marketing strategy. With so many options and video ideas to choose from, you can make the most of your marketing efforts! Do not let hesitations stop you from posting more video content. Use video to engage your audience as a video is worth a million words.  

Karen Leonard
August 2, 2021

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