What is Live Streaming? – Technology Trend 2022

The USA has seen an uptick in “live streaming” as a response to COVID 19. Businesses continue to change strategy during the pandemic to reach more customers. Understandably, live streaming gained significant traction as in-person shopping was restricted. Now that consumers are adapting to this type of content, how can businesses best use it to convert sales?

What is Live Streaming? Should I be using it as part of my digital marketing strategy?

Live streaming allows users to watch, create and share videos in real time. Think of it live broadcasts on TV or radio shows recorded in real time. To create a livestream you need the internet, a smart device, and a digital platform stream on.

We Also Recommend You Have the Following:

  • A good internet connection
  • Camera
  • Microphone
  • Tripod
  • Good lighting
  • A script or plan
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Free Platforms You Can Use for Live Streaming

Now that you have a plan, where do you choose to do a live streaming event?  Some of the current popular live streaming apps include Facebook Live, Instagram Live stories, YouTube, Vimeo, Twitch TV and Tik Tok. While these social media platforms are free, users typically need an account to access and use the livestream features.

Retail and Streaming

Retailers are scrambling to make livestreaming both accessible to consumers and profitable. Brands are using livestreaming to demonstrate products, talk about service and promote specials. The key is finding a way to target the audience, so they know to watch live.

infographic of tips for live streaming

Ideas to get people to show up to Live Events

  • Schedule days and times to live stream regularly
  • Send out notice to customers ahead of time
  • Put live streaming events on your company calendar
  • Create live streaming events on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Community Calendars

“What you’re starting to see more and more now, especially in the livestreaming space, is a proliferation of different executions of livestreaming.”

Gartner analyst Ant Duffin told Adweek

Takeaways from Live Streaming for 2022

To make live streaming effective you need to have a solid plan. You also need the right equipment. Finally, you need to know you target audience. Not a single person wants to see you talk about yourself for 10 minutes while you wait to see if anyone joins you live. Besides, if you are showing them an up-close view of your nostrils, they will not stay “live” for long.

Do you need help understanding your livestreaming options? We are here for you, contact us to get started.

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January 28, 2022

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