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Trade Shows Canceled? 5 Alternatives with Digital Marketing

At the start of COVID-19, businesses, especially those in industrial, were taken back to see trade shows and in-person events canceled. After all, events like trade shows helped build cliental, company awareness and improve customer relations. A year later, it is evident that the business world has shifted to a more digital experience. What are some trade show alternatives? How can digital marketing be the solution for your business?  

To answer that question, think about what you got out of trade shows. You were able to get your company out there to more people and generate new leads to drive business. Well, you can get the same results and even more with digital marketing!  

Digital Marketing is not all about social media likes and followers. Digital Marketing encompasses your website, driving traffic with search engine optimization, nurturing leads, and increasing awareness with content. As a business in the manufacturing or industrial industry, how can you use digital marketing to increase company awareness and revenue?  

Be Present on Leading Industry Online Destinations 

Trade shows allow you to be where the people were. You could gain instant traffic and awareness. Similarly, online you can be where your customers are. Be present on leading industry online destinations. Studies found that 68 percent of B2B customers conduct some type of research online as their first step in the buying process. Customers can find your business on one of these online listings and platforms. 

What are some industrial directories you should look into? ThomasNet.com is the leading one, along with IQSDirectory.com. Make sure your Google My Business Listing is updated and verified because, with an up-to-date listing, your business can be found in more local searchers, rise above the competition, and ensure potential customers have the most accurate information.  

Stay Top of Mind & Build Trust with Content Marketing

Content marketing involves sharing online information to stimulate interest and attract new traffic. You can create blog articles, videos, and webinars on your industry’s topics or helpful resources for customers. Creating such content demonstrates your business is an expert in the field, helps build trust by being an informational asset, and allows your business to stay top of mind.

Content marketing is crucial to digital marketing because many customers end up stumbling on your business before they are ready to purchase. When they are prepared to do business, you are the first company they think of and are already familiar with, thanks to your consistent content.

Increase Traffic with Search Engine Optimization & Google Search Ads

Search Engine Optimization improves your chances of a customer finding your business online. When someone searches for something on, say Google, your business website or listing can appear as a search result depending on the relatability.

Content marketing also goes hand-in-hand with SEO. For example, someone may search for information about a specific product and come across your website. They may keep communicating with you through social media or email after visiting your site for the first time. And when they are ready for a purchase, they turn to a business that they know and trust — yours! 

LinkedIn for Lead Generation  

Many buyers utilize social media to make purchasing decisions. LinkedIn is the best social media option for industrial and manufacturing companies. It is the leading networking platform for business-to-business commerce. Do you have a LinkedIn profile and company profile? It is vital to establish a LinkedIn presence so you can use it to find new buyers, make connections, and increase sales. 

One way to generate leads on LinkedIn is to use the Advanced Search to find potential leads. With Advanced Search, you can filter users based on keywords, industries, location, and more specifics. This way, instead of waiting for leads to come to you, you can reach out to potential customers in a professional manner. 

Increase Sales with a Website that Converts Leads

Your website is the center of your digital marketing strategy. It is where people can be introduced to your brand from a blog post, read reviews, and quickly contact you. A good website converts visitors into leads. Your website should act as a part of your marketing team: collecting leads, reviews, and sales. 

Review your current website. Is it mobile-friendly, easy to use, and bringing in a steady number of leads and business each month? If you do not have a website yet, these are goals to focus on as you create and design your website. 

Here at Innovative Global Vision, we focus on designing websites through a marketer’s eye, with conversion as the end goal and aim to improve lead generation. Take a look at some our recent redesigns and the marketing results that came afterward. If you are interested to see what IGV can do for your business to improve your marketing, give us a call

The past year has accelerated the rising trend of Digital Marketing. It is no longer an option; it is a necessity for your marketing strategy. As a business in the manufacturing or industrial industry, you can use online marketing to increase company awareness and revenue! 

Karen Leonard
April 5, 2021

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