Digital Marketing Trends for 2018

Digital Marketing Trends for 2018
With the New Year quickly approaching, it’s time to consider new beginnings. Clean out your inbox, filter through the unused apps and really decide what you want to see on your screen in 2018. Think about what’s relevant; what keeps you going back for more? What’s hot and what’s not? More importantly, what’s going to be next?

We have answers! These are the top trends that will benefit you and keep your business thriving in the new year.

Live Video Streaming

Live video feeds are a quick, convenient way to catch up on news and what your friends are up to. According to Huffington post, studies have shown that viewers will watch live feed 3 times longer than prerecorded videos. This is where the “story” features come in useful on apps like Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. It was also shown that 75% of internet traffic accumulated from live video streaming in 2017.

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Ad Spending on Mobile Video

When it comes to video consumption, more people are watching or listening while they have free time and can browse on their phones or tablets. Since 2013, digital ad spending for desktop ads has drastically decreased (see graphic). states in 2018, ad spending for mobile will reach $18 billion. So, if you are creating content for yourself, a company or client, you may want to consider strictly going mobile for ad spending to reach the maximum number of views.

Growth Hacking

Essentially, it is beneficial to a company when consumers can “Google” whatever they’re looking for. When people have a general curiosity about what to eat, where to shop or how to get somewhere, the answer is at the tips of our fingers. Search engine optimization (SEO) is a big strategy because it shows whether or not your company or product is thriving. Think With Google shares that 96% of smartphone users research what they want on the spot because we have constant access to anything online at all times.

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Explainer Videos

YouTube has become more and more popular over the years because it has the “how-to” answers to almost everything. A short video explaining what services your business offers or any possible complications with your company’s product are much more beneficial than a user’s manual. They are more time-efficient and answer questions without the confusion of all the technical stuff.

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Viral Content

The word viral can have both positive and negative meanings. In a business situation, when you have a good product and it goes viral, big things are coming your way. Not only does viral content generate revenue, but it builds brand awareness and loyalty. When a product is authentic and people begin to trust a certain brand, they want more.


Depending on whether or not your location is activated on your mobile device, companies and organizations are able to determine which ads to run based off of where you are. This technology allows businesses to obtain information, such as work history and experience to run employment ads, or provide information like coupon codes to those in a shopping mall. This is an up-and-coming strategy to gain and give appealing information to your consumers.

Micro Influencers

These are the people on social media with a large following, who choose to promote or review products. This is a popular YouTube concept with movie and music reviews. Nielsen found that 90% of consumers trust peer recommendations and reviews while only 33% of consumers trust ads. This trend pairs well with live streaming. Quick video shout outs about a product can go a long way in the digital world.

Brand Blogging

Blogging builds relationships between a company and stakeholders or those who may be potential clients. If you’re looking for a new way to generate awareness, engagement or brand familiarity, creating a blog that shows passion about what you do and who you do it for is a great way to begin!

Get Personal

Nothing feels better than being appreciated. Hubspot found that 61% of customers rely more on a company that creates personalized content and they are more loyal to the company because of this relationship. The use of a name in an email is so much nicer than a “to whom it may concern” greeting. Get to know your customers. If they’re satisfied with your services, they might refer you to a friend!

What Consumers Expect in relations to personalized digital experiences

Written by Jocelyn Hykes-Content Marketing Intern

Karen Leonard
November 27, 2017

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