Is Your Website Protected?

If you are a WordPress user, and we hope that you are, there are a few things you should be doing on a regular basis to ensure the safety and security of your website. With WordPress, there comes tons of updated features, new plugins and there is always something to add or implement to your site to make it better. If you are unsure of the necessary precautions to protect your website, check out the following suggestions!

A lot of times, the purpose of updates is to avoid hackers and damages to your site which can ruin your name, brand and company’s reputation. Unfortunately, a lot of websites have a vulnerability to hacking. This is why it’s so important to check on your site and be in control of everything that is posted and linked back to you!

Be sure that you read reviews, comments and eliminate any spam that may be posted to your site. Using WordPress, one of the recommended plugins to reduce all your spam is Akismet.

There’s no need for a download here, all you have to do is activate it if you are using WordPress already. There are many many features in regards to how you can prevent, block or delete spam on your WordPress site, but please do not just let them be. Make sure you are aware of what is happening on your site and keep it credible.

On any given site, it’s a huge recommendation to change your passwords every six months. Making your passwords challenging with special characters rather than the everyday ‘easy-to-remember’ passwords will reduce the chance of hacking to your site. WordPress recommends a password manager, which will store all your passwords and help you generate new, strong passwords when you are ready for an update.

Another way to avoid hacking is to limit user login attempts. The Login LockDown plugin is available and you get to determine the limit to how many times someone can attempt to log in.

In the long run, these little updates and changes keep your site fresh and protected leaving you with complete control and ownership. If you refresh and replenish your data, it limits the chances of hackers or spam.

If you really want to dive into the research, it is out there! And, the plugins are available for almost anything and everything you would need to be cautious of. If you already have a secure site, keep looking for ways to update its’ safety! Safe site- happy life!


Karen Leonard
March 19, 2018

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