Level Up with WordPress Maintenance

Websites are essential to almost every businesses success in the technology-filled world that we live in. They are the main marketing tool for businesses because never turn off and are always accessible. This is why website maintenance is crucial to a business’ success. Whether you do your own website maintenance or outsource the work to someone else, everyone can agree how important this step is in order to keep a website running efficiently.

Need a little more convincing? Here are 7 benefits to using WordPress website maintenance.

  • WordPress Maintenance protects your investment!
    • You put a lot of money into custom templates, labor hours, etc. WordPress backs everything up so you can protect what you’ve built.
  • Website maintenance can reduce error on your site and any downtime that may occur from needing to fix any problems your website may run into.
    • Here at IGV, we monitor your site 24/7. If you experience any trouble, we’re on it! No worries, no down time.
  • If you choose to outsource your maintenance you will save time and allow yourself to focus on your business.
    • In the hands of the right company, you will have no worries. Just make your goals clear and concise and the website will reflect – it’s what we live for!
  • Your site will be protected because the security patches and plug-ins will be up-to-date.
    • Again, this is our job! We want to help you reach YOUR goals.
  • SEO will be maintained which will allow you to grow and reach new customers.
    • With small, frequent updates to your site, your site will appear more frequently in online searches AND you will soon see the business results you want will follow these updates.
  • Your brand image will improve by having a consistent and working site that really reflects who your company is and what goals you aim to achieve.
    • Speedy, clean and up-to-date is trendy and satisfying. People love getting the answers they want immediately.
  • Any possible website operational problems will be solved. This will lead to fewer customers encountering problems and choosing to leave your site.
    • When you believe your company is the best at what you do, show it off! You deserve to be the first result on Google, and WordPress can help with this!

Investing in website maintenance will save your company time and money in the long run. Ultimately, this investment keeps your customers happy, your website running and gives your company a consistent reputation. It is worth it! And if you need help, contact us!

Karen Leonard
March 5, 2018

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