Push Notifications That Will Accommodate, Not Annoy Your Visitors

We are all familiar with this pop-up every time we download a new app on our phones. And more likely than not, we hit “OK” just to make the message go away. We want to get into our app, not play 20 questions, right? Well, there’s a marketing method to these small push notifications, on mobile and on a desktop. App creators and web developers seek permission for the app to access your phone or webcam, etc. It’s a courtesy factor! They just want your permission. While the repetitive pop-ups annoy us, marketers really just crave your thoughts and opinions. Push notifications are beneficial for businesses and you may even consider implementing them for your website or app!


How do push notifications work on the Web?

Push notifications exist for communication purposes. These don’t necessarily look like the phone notifications that you just want to get rid of right away. On websites, the company usually uses notifications to request information, like your email address and birthday so they can send you special email offers. This is a friendly way of thanking you for being one of their customers. It doesn’t hurt to fill out your information for some good deals!


A lot of the time, businesses find that push notifications on their website increase engagement and click rates. This goes to show how the general interest levels work for their company. If it keeps increasing, they’re doing something right. If not, they know to make some changes. Push notification tools show what’s working well and what’s not based on the engagement and click rates.


Another benefit to adding push notifications to your site is you don’t have to spend any extra money on making an app for your company if you can get your message or request across just by implementing it on your website.


No, this isn’t like a chat window where you’re prompted with questions from automated bots. While the notifications can be automated, they are taken seriously for customer inquiry so they can opt-in or out based on personal preference. Then this makes it easier for marketers to segment their email marketing preferences and mailing lists depending on the inquiry or responses customers submit.


5 starter tips

Now, how do I do this without annoying my customers or steering them away? It’s all okay! Just be sure to set your notifications appropriately.

So take into consideration the following:

Time zones – You don’t want your reminders or sales popping up at 5:00AM on the west coast while other members of your audience are just starting their workday on the east coast. Make sure to accommodate every possible audience.

Too many notifications – This is what will scare people away! Let them opt-in. Give the option, don’t bombard them with too many. If you’re unsure of how much it too much, give it a try and track the results. Then adjust accordingly.

Keep it simple – You know how we all agree to the “terms and conditions” of everything we sign up for? Don’t make your pop ups super long and drawn out. Keep them brief with a quick overview of what’s going on. People react positively to short and concise.

Spark Interest – Like mentioned previously, get involved with your audience. Give them coupons on their birthday, send them special deals on holidays, give them coupon codes with other companies you are partnered with. The people love a good deal!

Give it a try– You never know until you try. This could be a huge breakthrough for your marketing team and you may come up with some ideas that create some great leads.


Don’t be afraid to try this out if you haven’t before, and don’t shy away from adjusting the current push notifications you already have in place. Updates are good in the digital world. If you’re unsure where to start or need suggestions, we can help! Shoot us a message and we can share some ideas.



Karen Leonard
February 26, 2018

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