Must I Go Mobile?

Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project found that “56% of all Americans have accessed the internet by wireless

report by Morgan Stanley in 2010, mobile internet usage is estimated to outstrip the use of desktops and laptops by 2015 – that’s not that far off!

What all this means is that if you want to successfully interact with the people searching the internet and maintain or improve your conversion rates, your website needs to be as easy to navigate on a mobile device as possible. Some site platforms are better at displaying on mobile devices than others, but unless you have a site specifically developed for mobile devices, mobile visitors to your site will run into two major problems:

  • Problem 1: Standard sites on mobile devices are TINY!  Text is nearly microscopic, making it very difficult to “click” through a site’s navigation or even see the content on each page!
  • Problem 2: Clutter.  Internet surfers who are using their mobile devices are on a mission.  Presumably, people are using their mobile devices to surf because they’re on the go.  They don’t have time to wade through wordy pages.  If they’re on your site, it’s because they think you have something they want, and if you make it too hard for them to find, they’ll go elsewhere!


True mobile sites are slimmed down, content-wise, and blown up visually. Buttons are much larger, making it easier to navigate. Content is kept to a minimum, focusing instead on driving the site visitor to task completion, whether that is finding specific information, making a purchase, even making reservations. Tasks that would be incredibly cumbersome and even frustrating using a standard site on a mobile device are made simple and fast with a truly mobile website.

Karen Leonard
May 22, 2012

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