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About Lake Shore Electric

Lake Shore Electric is a custom electrical equipment integrator and manufacturer specializing in taking the industry’s best components to offer a standard and customizable product.
Previous Lake Shore Electric Website

The Challenge

Lake Shore Electric’s previous website no longer met the needs of the company and their redefined audience. Changes in internal processes and responding to the needs of their clients and potential customers led Lake Shore Electric to reexamine its website design and structure.

The company experienced an influx of calls coming through asking for representatives from various locations. The new website would address this problem to make it more convenient for customers to do business in areas outside of the state.

The Approach

The goal of the redesign was to update the overall structure of the website and implement the established product color categorizing. By organizing product lines, it made it easy for a customer to find products.

We worked to develop design concepts that reflected the understood goals. Then, we transformed the concept illustration into a functional website interface.

The Results

The new design placed Lake-Shore-Electric a leg above the competitive industry. The structure implements color-coded categories for their product line, allowing customers to locate content quickly and view extensive detail about each product.

We also implemented the Rep-Locator to assist customers with finding a sales representative in their area. We developed “Document Hub,” providing engineers with exclusive access to supporting documentation. This new feature helped our client generate more leads through email signups and learn more about their target audience.

After completing the website project, we delivered an up-to-date, user-friendly design in sync with the company’s processes and aimed to generate more leads for Lake Shore Electric.


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