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A family friendly community, The Village of Oakwood rests at the corner of Cuyahoga County, OH. The Village embraces community and family events and has always put forth good investment back into supporting community events. With it’s ever growing section in industrial work and technology, businesses are growing in a rapid pace in the area. Bringing new jobs to the market and supporting the residents. With a bright future on the horizon, there is no short stopping for The Village of Oakwood.

“We have become a proud and progressive community that has adopted a “Family First” philosophy”

– Gary V. Gottschalk,
Mayor of Oakwood Village


Rapidly growing, The Village of Oakwood felt it was time; they need a fresh new look for their website. Their current site was not fulfilling the community’s needs and desperately needed an update to sustain an image in the modern world. They needed a website that would illustrate their successes, their community, and inform their viewers. The Village of Oakwood wanted a modernized website that would be more structural, organized, and flexible.


With their old site not meeting the needs of its residents, the challenge was to transform the current website structure into one that was more concrete and accessible. Our vision was to create a liner design that was clear to the viewer and allowed for easy access to content relevant to commonly asked questions. In addition, mobile responsiveness was a point of focus as well as accessibility features; that would comply with current rules and regulations.


Our approach began with an analysis of the website and what we felt would work best for our client. We started by working closely with the client to eliminate unnecessary content, revised keywords, and formulated methods to access content readily. From there, we transformed the material into a ‘Wireframe’ that visually communicates the content structure of the new website. Following the wireframe, we converted our vision into a graphical design that gives our client a complete reflection of the end product.

The Result

Close collaboration and several designs, IGV and Oakwood Village, were successful in choosing a design option. This new design was more linear, cleaner, and had a stronger image that reflected The Village of Oakwood and its future endeavors.

Statistical Results

Here is a brief statistical results after completion of the project. Release date: December, 2019.

Decrease in Bounce Rates


Increase in Page Sessions


Increase In Mobile Views


Overall Website Load Time

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