Video Best Practices in Marketing and Advertising

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Online Video Streaming is Changing the Industry

Best Practices for Videos Online are really important today. It’s no secret that the last two years have changed our lives.  What many have not realized is how our media consumption habits have changed. As audiences change, so must the industry. One of the most evolved industries is in video marketing.

In the last two years, online video watch time has increased by 34%, while traditional TV watch time has fallen by 5%. This may be unsettling for the television industry, but not for marketers. Video marketing allows us to reach more targeted audiences, increasing ROI– for less.

Take it from Google, everyone’s favorite search engine and the figurehead of the internet.

Google’s ‘ABCD’s’ of Video Marketing– Best Practices:

These days, video creation can be daunting. Pushing your content to the forefront of the audience’s minds is especially difficult. Google’s ‘ABCD’s’ of video marketing’ will make sure your video gets the watch-time it deserves.


 Before the boom of online content, video creators used the “start-high” strategy.

Familiar faces and unique creative styles are sure to draw attention to your video and


Consider your marketing objectives. This will determine when it will be best to introduce your brand to the viewer. If you are looking for ad recall? Your brand should be identified immediately and repeated often throughout your video.

Keep in mind that videos with this goal in mind tend to be more short-form, lasting only a few seconds.

Let’s say your goal is audience consideration. Google suggests letting the audience engage with your video before introducing your brand.

Unlike ad recall, ads with the goal of audience consideration have a much longer duration. These videos tend to resonate with the audience on a deeper level. This extra time makes them more likely to take action after viewing your ad.

Connect with your audience: 

Don’t be afraid to experiment with humor or emotion. These help the audience connect with your content on a personal level.

Break the fourth wall, acknowledge the audience. Resonating with the audience on a personal level helps them to remember your message.

Google also stresses the importance of audio and video together.  Videos are best received when they are both seen and heard.

When to use Long-form and Short-Form Video

Use short-form when completion is the goal.

Short-form video works well on non-skippable platforms. These videos are anywhere from 15 seconds to 1 minute in length. Think Hulu or Peacock, for example. These streaming giants use short commercial breaks engage and advertise for their sponsors.

This type of ad will inspire audiences to direct their attention from your ad and to your website to learn more.

Short-Form video platforms have gained massive popularity over the years. You might find success on TikTok if you feel that short-form is right for you.

Use Long-Form to emphasize story and entertainment.

We all know that creators must earn their audience’s attention. The challenge for long-form video, or videos with a duration of over 5 minutes, is keeping it. This style has an emphasis on story and entertainment and causes fond remembrance.

This type of video works best when marketers are committed to data analysis.

Thanks to the prevalence of algorithms, much of the hard work is done for us. Remember that viewers are not willing to engage with content that doesn’t interest them.

Google encourages us to “Think in Beta”– embrace the testing processes.

Remember that audiences are inundated with video. One arc is not enough to keep their attention. The “Heartbeat arc” is especially crucial in long-form video. This term describes an arc that employs bursts of excitement. Rather than one climax, it keeps the audience on their toes.

Choosing the Best Platform for Advertising Content

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YouTube is easily the most popular video platform offering free membership. It targets audiences using algorithms and matches your content with relevant channels. Also, if users allow, YouTube can show personalized ads based on internet history.

Content that lives on your YouTube channel is subject to advertisements as well. Your competition might get in front of your audience before you do. This could impact your reach, but not for the better.


This is a lesser known, but revolutionary site built just for marketing. Wistia partners with several automated integrations to ensure no data goes uncovered. Users find that this is also helpful for time management.

Speed and video quality are paramount at Wistia. Beautiful video is not limited to your desktop. Wistia allows for transition from desktop to mobile, with no additional formatting needed.

Video lives on its own page with no distractions from your content. Wistia offers customizations to match the branding for your own site.


Like Wistia, Vimeo allows for video on it’s own page and allows users to create a fully customizable home page. Vimeo refers to your homepage “like your own Netflix page”.

Vimeo also allows users to record video with onboard recording software. And makes hosting virtual events easy for hosts and accessible for customers.

Accessibility Best Practices in Video

Accessibility is more important now than ever as online video becomes more and more popular.

Accessibility of video on website, sight impaired woman in front of computer

Up to 85% of video is watched without sound, decreasing the effectiveness of content greatly. This is  one of the reasons why all three platforms have options to generate closed captions.

Studies show that not only do captions make video more comprehensible for those in the Deaf and hard-of-hearing communities, it also increases the chances that audiences will remember the content more clearly.

When it comes to video communication, posting can be rather overwhelming. But with these simple tips, you can take your content from good to great. Did we miss your favorite video platform? Let us know what your favorite is in the comments below.

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Karen Leonard
June 27, 2022

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